Matchbox Powertrack - Track

Loop from the PP8000 Set (Rare) - Sold later by proops

Cross over from the Slipstream racing set (rare) - You bascally push the pacer car and it crosses over.

12 inch Cross over from the German Race n Chase 3 and the 9 inch cross over from a counterland set (rare) and PP3000.

9 Inch and 12 inch crossovers.

The 9 inch one is blue as it is from a LJN set! (Very rare!!!)

Banked curves from the PT500 set!

Jump bridge from the PP3000 set


Switches/Points - From the 'Copterchase set' and 'Race n Chase 2' (Only had one)


Standard controller

Grandstand (PT1000) and lap counter

The range of different barriers

Powertrack plus stickers (originated from the speedtrack slipstream racing set)