Matchbox Powertrack Sets

Slipstream racing !!!!

My own 1500 from my childhood

Rare Race n Chase 1 Set

Race n chase 1 in action!

Our ultra rare race and chase 2 set!

Rare Race n Chase 2 Set

Rare German Race n Chase - Known as Race n chase 3

One of mine PT8000 sets

My ultra rare Japanses set race n chase set

Jap police Car

PP9000 set with the Rare Loop

My Hulk Set!

Copterchase set!!!

Glow in the Dark??? This must be ultra rare!!!

Counterlane set recently sold on ebay

Dirk's from Germany LJN Sets mixed with matchbox track

Someone's Set (PT 8000)

Spiderman (includes the Villain Van)

My Service Pack!! (Rare are this was only availabe to the sellers)

My rare counterlane set

PT8000 in action!

Some of my sets!

One of my dealer's repair kits